Our professionals are here to meet the needs of the people of God, and to help through teaching, formation, inspiration and leadership.

From our rich background and experience, we seek to offer opportunities for spiritual, intellectual, and skill building for your worshiping community.

We can support your ministries by nurturing the faith of your members in a variety of ways.  Check out our web sites to find out more. 
Ms. Carol Hofer
(586) 774-3144                   carolhofer@aol.com

Dr. Carol Jadach
(586) 360-1182         Jadach.carol@shms.edu

Mr. James Kiefer
(313) 410-8242       james.kiefer.52@gmail.com

Deacon Paul Lippard   www.inlightened.org  & Associates   
(586) 530-8147                Plipard@aol.com

Mrs. Faith Offman
(313) 802-7335            offman.faith@yahoo.com

Sr. Janet Schaeffler, OP www.janetschaeffler.com
(586) 771-4860                     Jansch@juno.com